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Understanding sleep apnea could improve your life, or even save it.

This section of www.apneos.com first defines sleep apnea, then emphasizes four key points:

  • Sleep apnea is common.
    1 in 7 Americans has sleep apnea.
    No age, sex, race, or body-weight is immmune.
    Some people are at higher risk than others.
  • Sleep apnea is serious.
    It can cause sudden death or chronic illness.
    You may feel miserable -- and not know it.
    It can have devastating effects in children.
  • Sleep apnea is treatable.
    Many treatment options are available.
  • Sleep apnea is under-diagnosed.
    90% of people with sleep apnea don't know it.
    Neither does their doctor.
    Apneos can help.

If you are concerned about sleep apnea, consult a physician or other qualified healthcare professional.

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