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 1857   Taft born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
 1878Graduates from Yale.
  Returns to Cincinnati.
  Is not somnolent .
  Weighs 225 lb.
 1886Marries Helen Herron.
  Taft says she "hooked one gasping fish weighing 240 pounds" .
 1890Becomes Solicitor General of the United States.
  Moves to Washington.
  Befriends a young Theodore Roosevelt.
 1892Returns to Cincinnati as Circuit Judge.
  Weighs 270 lb.
 1900Arrives in the Philippines.
  Gains 50 lbs there.
   Sleep apnea begins.
 1901Nearly dies from a rectal abscess.
  Saved by "a brilliantly performed operation" .
 1904Becomes Secretary of War under President Theodore Roosevelt.
 1905Starts diet, ultimately losing 65 pounds in 6 months.
 1908Elected President.
  Weight at or near 300 lb.
 1913Leaves the White House at 340 lb.
  Becomes Professor of Law at Yale.
  Loses 70 pounds in 9 months.
   Sleep apnea resolves.
 1921Named Chief Justice of the United States
 1930Dies 5 weeks after resigning from the Supreme Court.

Taft's Washington house is now the embassy of Syria.

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